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Who we are?

Hospital de Tulum is a private hospital born to cover the need of a second level institution for the local area's population. It's designed to fullfit the needs of the inhabitants of the city of Tulum and close by areas of the Solidaridad county.

The medical urgencies, accidents and with them the trauma issues are a sanitary challenge that because of it's frequency require an important coordination among institutions that, as we previously mentioned, does not exist now in the area, nor a unit with the necesary infrastructure to attend as fast as possible to the requiring patients.
With this, there is a growing demand for services on the general healt area, as well as ambulatory surgery, hospitalary and surgical. Hospital de Tulúm has the infrastructure, equipement, resources and personel to attend  each and every case mentioned before. In the same way we are coordinated and we have agreements with third level hospitals for moving patients that require further treatment.

Trust, respect and dignity are the main values that are caracteristic in the treatment of out patients, who are the center of our active care.

Dedication, compromise and team work are our daily way of work, with a constant improvement desire.

Experience, scientific knowledge and technological skills of all our colaborators, ensure que high quality  services to our patients.